From the idea to the finished product

One of our focal points is prototyping and the contract production of prototypes.

For the development of components we rely on our many years of experience in the fields of mechanical engineering and 3D printing.

We are able to produce a prototype according to your wishes.

Together we will find a solution for your needs in the shortest possible time.

Our manufacturing processes include:

  • 3D-Printing
  • Machining of metal parts (milling, turning, cutting, drilling)
  • WIG-Welding
  • CNC production (turning, milling, laser cutting etc.)
  • Surface treatments (anodising, powder coating, galvanising etc.)
  • Work with carbon fibers (carbon products)

3D Printing

3D printing facilitates the production start of your idea.
Ideal for the prototype of your next product or for small series of plastic parts.
3D printing is the perfect solution for projects requiring 100 parts or less.


3D printing is most often used for the production of prototypes and small series. Before the product can be used,
it must be tested properly. Product tests should be as fast and efficient as possible. 3D printing technologies make it possible to test certain product features at relatively low cost.

Architecture and urbanism

The presentation of architectural design to clients or investors is often not always entirely comprehensible and simple.
Often the client cannot imagine much when it comes to 2D drawings.
Here, prototyping using 3D printing offers a decisive advantage!
They enable the customer to present a true-to-scale model of the project to be realized.


3D printing is also ideal for creating marketing items, such as key chains with company logos, in small batches at an excellent price. We can help you to produce such an article or prepare it for you.

Science and medicine

3D printing makes it easier to create models for science and research. These models have almost no shape limitation and can be produced very quickly. Creating real models of different parts of the body can be very useful for medical applications.

3D printing post processing

After printing the model we can offer the following surface finishes:

  • Remove carrier material
  • Gluing and folding large models
  • Sanding and smoothing
  • Softening in an acetone bath
  • Cementing, colouring and painting 

How to get your 3D printed model

Select a suitable .stl or .obj 3D model
(for example from Thingiverse ) or create your own.
If you don’t have a 3D model of your idea yet, we will be happy to help you prepare and produce a 3D model.
Then you only have to decide on the necessary details such as color, size and type of material.
Each 3D special print varies in printing and processing costs.
The price depends on the material selection and the required layer thickness.
If you are interested, please do not hesitate to send us a model for a non-binding cost estimate.